Cinch Bags

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Our cinch bags make for an easy travel carrier or storage bag!

  • 100% Nylon Ripstop Material
  • Plastic Cord Lock
  • 100% Nylon Cord

Sizing Options 

  • Small (9.75" x 9.75" x 19.5")
    • Can fit size 6' x 12', 10' x 22', and 10' x 24' tarp
  • Medium (9.75" x 9.75" x 23.5")
    • Can fit size 12' x 24', 10' x 30', and 10' x 32' tarp
  • Large (13.75" x 13.75" x 23.5")
    • Can fit size 10' x 36', 10' x 40', and 12' x 40' tarp


Frequently Asked Questions:
Are these new vinyls?

No. These are former advertisements with one side being plain white or plain black and the other side having the original advertisement printed on it.

Can I pick the advertisement that is on my billboard tarp?

Sorry, we are unable to do this. You can tell us in the "notes" section during checkout what you would not like on your billboards advertisement and we'll do our best to fulfill your request.

How can I secure my billboard vinyl?

The billboards do come with pipe sleeves on each side (which isn't counted in the size of the vinyl) and can be used to tie or secure down. They do not have grommets included.

How long can I expect the billboard to last?

Most of the billboard vinyls have only been used for 30-60 days and will last for a couple of years at the minimum.

Will the billboards withstand cold weather?

Yes, they were born to take a beating in all weather and to live outside.

What does shipping cost?

Shipping cost is based on the weight of the vinyl and your zip code. We don't offer free shipping but our shipping rates are around 40% less than retail shipping rates due to our volume. We don't upcharge on shipping.

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