Storing Firewood

Storing Firewood

Winter is approaching and in the coming days and weeks, many of us will be building our first fires of the season.  Storing firewood can be expensive; not storing it properly can lead to damp or insect-ridden wood.  A simple solution: tarping your firewood outdoors with repurposed billboard vinyls!



Separate the wood into piles the size you need for one use.  Make sure to cut the wood no longer than the length of your fireplace. Find some 4x4s or straight trees that can serve as a runner for the base of your wood stack.



 Consider the typical direction of wind in your - make sure to stack your wood piles according. Stack each layer at a 90 degree angle from the previous so that the bottom layer is not over burdened from weight.  Typically, a good wood pile can be stacked to approximately 5' high.



Cover the wood with a Billboardvinyls tarp - enough to cover the entire top but only a portion of the sides to promote ventilation. Use stakes and rope to extend the tarp out as far as possible, similar to a camping tent.  This helps to prevent rain coming in at an angle from hitting the wood.


Now, you can easily and affordably enjoy a nice fire all winter long. At Billboardvinyls, we have tarps of all sizes for the size of your wood pile.  



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