About Us

About BillboardVinyls.com

BillboardVinyls.com was founded with a commitment to delivering high quality billboard tarps at the lowest possible cost. Our vinyls were once freeway billboards that would have been left in a landfill. We saw the potential to take these durable, weather-resistant, waterproof vinyls and re-purpose them into something else. We are now a preferred supplier of both re-purposed and new billboard vinyls. At Billboard Vinyls, we firmly believe that you shouldn't have to compromise quality to get a product that you can afford.  Our vinyls can be ordered and shipped all around the world at the lowest price around. 


What is upcycling?

Upcycling/re-purposing/recycling is the process of taking something used and transforming it into something of higher value. Our billboard vinyls have finished their life as freeway billboards and are now able to be recycled for use in construction, agriculture, home improvement projects, and more. We pride ourselves on providing customers with a high-quality product, while being eco-friendly and reducing the world's waste. For more information on how our billboard vinyls can be re-used, check out our uses page here.