Pond Liners - BillboardVinyls



 ****Notice - Our billboard vinyls were once an advertisement and not new vinyls. There may be small pin size holes due to wear and tear from their first life.****


Pond Liners

We want to help you build the pond of your dreams and offer a cost-effective way to this. Our billboard tarps are perfect for a small pond, large pond or fish farm. Billboard tarps are made of a 3-ply poly fabric that is waterproof, UV resistant, and mildew proof. Our heavy-duty billboard vinyls have either a black backing or white backing (the other side has the advertisement). Our pond liner provides a cheap price pond material that is comparable to EPDM pond liners.


Why Billboard Vinyls Are Great Pond Liners

Billboard vinyls have benefits of being a pond liner in that they are heavy-duty, can be easily repaired when needed, can be cut to any size, are fish safe. Also, our vinyl liners guard against stone tears, punctures, and plant growth.  

Vinyl pond liners can be trimmed and cut with regular scissors to any size or shape. Also, billboard vinyls can be combined with an adhesive a vinyl cement (we recommend: HH-66 PVC Vinyl Cement Glue). This glue creates a permanent seal and can even be applied in wet conditions.