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The Best Price for Wholesale Vinyls

Billboard Vinyls is the best supplier for new and re-purposed billboard tarps. We offer a wide variety of weather resistant, waterproof vinyls. 

We are happy to offer shipping to people all around the world at the lowest rates available. Our materials can be shipped using any major carrier or USPS for smaller orders. We also offer bulk discounts on orders larger than ten pieces. 

Billboard Vinyls offers the highest quality material in vinyl at the best prices around. Please email us at info@billboardvinyls.com or call 1-323-686-1949 for information and pricing on exporting and container shipments.

Your Trusted Supplier of Billboard Vinyls

Billboard Vinyls carries an assortment of both new and used billboard tarps. Our selection of vinyl material is waterproof, weather resistant, and UV protected. All of our tarps have a PVC coating, making the material resistant to tearing and extremely durable. Billboard tarpaulin is specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making our vinyls the perfect material for your next project. 

Popular sizes for wholesale reused vinyl include 14’ x 48’, 20’ x 60’, 10’ x 30’, 10’ x 36’, and much more! Our inventory is always changing, so please inquire about our current selection today.

High Quality Billboards for Low Prices

At Billboard Vinyls, we care about getting our customers the highest quality material for the cheapest price. Our warehouse offers a wide range of sizes at the lowest prices around. Our most popular sizes include 6.5′ x 9.5′, 10′ x 30′, 14′ x 48′, 20′ x 60′, etc. Billboard Vinyls carries a wide selection of vinyls that have been recycled, making it possible for us to drop prices and help the environment. 

Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you are interested in purchasing our recycled vinyls please send us an email at info@billboardvinyls.com. 

Largest Selection Around

Pick from a variety of tarp sizes and weights. We offer four separate weights in our new and recycled billboard vinyls. Take a look at the Products section of our website for a more comprehensive view of all of the materials we have available. Our material is PVC coated, giving our vinyl an extended life span. These vinyls are also extremely flexible and easy to cut, making it easy to get the exact sizing that you need!