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Get the Best New Vinyl Tarps for the Lowest Price

Billboard Vinyls not only carries a wide selection of recycled billboard tarps, we also offer new PVC vinyl rolls. Our vinyl rolls are perfect for roofing, agriculture, floor covers, construction, vinyl signs, banners and anything else you can think of. We offer only the highest quality materials priced to help you save money.

New billboard vinyls

Billboard Vinyls is Committed to Quality

At Billboard Vinyls, you can feel confident that you are getting the best possible quality tarpaulin at the lowest available price. Our PVC vinyl is the perfect material for both indoor and outdoor use. It is water proof, weather resistant, and mildew resistant. 

Our new rolled vinyls can also be cut or seamed together into custom sizes. Each new vinyl roll is constructed to be flexible and easy to cut, while still remaining resistant to tears and fraying. Tarpaulin can also easily be glued or welded together. We recommend using an adhesive such as HH-66 vinyl cement for connecting various pieces of our billboard vinyls. 

Find the Best Prices Guaranteed

 We know that you shouldn't have to compromise quality to get a reasonable price. That's why we offer our new vinyl rolls for the lowest prices around. We carry a large stock of different weights, sizes, and colors. Vinyl rolls can be anywhere from 6-8 ft by 60-80 ft making them the perfect size to use as truck covers, swimming pool covers, noise reduction covers, and more. 

We Make It Fast and Easy to Order Recycled Vinyls

Billboard Vinyls carries a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any project you have in mind. Ordering durable, flexible re-purposed tarpaulin has never been easier! Get orders of up to ____ vinyls delivered to you anywhere around the world. We also offer great discounts on bulk orders. For quotes on shipping check out our online shipping calculator. Still have questions? Send an email to or give us a call at (323) 686-1949.