Building a Backyard Pond

Building a Backyard Pond

Fall is a great time to build a pond: the weather is cooling, but there's still plenty of afternoon sunlight to perfect your pond after work.  Whether you're a weekender warrior or seasoned pro at backyard projects, building a pond can be achieved easily in just a few steps.

1. Decide on a location and size. While the average backyard pond size is 11' x 16', ponds can very in size and depth.  A good location for your new pond is near a power source, in the sunlight, and away from any large trees which might drop leaves in the fall. The depth of your pond can vary, but take into consideration the foliage and fish you might want. For example, Koi fish need a pond depth of at least three feet. 

2. Create a pond base. After the initial pond site is planned, now comes the hardest part: digging the pond hole.  A few things to consider: having an overflow canal in case of high rain, burying cords underground in PVC piping, and having varying water depths within the pond.  After the initial digging, smooth over the site and remove any large twigs or rocks and line with a thick tarp.  Billboardvinyls offers thick, inexpensive tarps of varying sizes that make the perfect pond lining.  

3. Fill with water. To ensure your pond does not attract mosquitos, a pump is necessary for safety and keeping your water fresh.  After lining the pond bed, fill with water and make sure to keep the tarp pulled taut in the process. 

4. Enjoy! Begin dreaming of plants, fish, and other aquatic animals to put in your pond, get a bench and umbrella out there, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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