Benefits of Upcycling Billboard Ads into Tarps

Benefits of Upcycling Billboard Ads into Tarps

In recent years, companies have made huge shifts to care more about their environmental impact. While many individuals and companies recycle in their homes or businesses, many overlook upcycling. Upcycling is a process that gives previously single-use items, like contemporary billboard vinyls, another life as something new usually with no modifications. Upcycling provides a good usable product while keeping items out of landfills and keeping carbon footprints low.

At Billboard Vinyls, we repurpose billboard advertisements into tarps that can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications including:

  • Agricultural coverings for hay, greenhouses and plants from the elements
  • Drop clothes for dust, debris and paint
  • Coverings for heavy machinery to prevents rust, animal nesting and other types of damages
  • Covers for seasonal vehicle storage such as boats
  • Protective floor coverings to reduce the impact and clean-ups of sports games, renovations and other large events
  • Tents and over-head coverings for outdoor events
  • Underpinnings for water features such as ponds and pools

Billboards provide different sizes and shapes in comparison to conventional tarps, beneficial to both the business man and the individual homeowner. They are idea for keeping additional trash out of landfills. Reusing billboard vinyls provide these distinct advantages:

  • It is cost effective. A lot of conventional tarps do not have a lifetime beyond original use, and cannot be broken down. This ends with new plastic being introduced to landfills. Billboard vinyls often do not even need alteration before use as tarps, making them a cost-effective and manufacturing-effective choice.
  • It is highly customizable. These billboard tarps can be cut down to the perfect size when necessary and can even be fused together to make a larger tarp. When you purchase a conventional tarp, you are restricted by what the company is distributing. With Billboard Vinyls, you get everything you need.
  • It is a high-quality end product. Billboard vinyls are typically 20 millimeters thick, which is 15 millimeters thicker than conventional plastic tarps. This thickness makes the vinyl more durable and better suited for heavy outdoor use. Also, most billboards have undergone surface treatments that are intended to limit sun damage that prevents them from fading, wearing out or becoming brittle when exposed to UV.
  • It leads to less landfill waste. Billboard vinyls can last for an upwards of 10 years, meaning that while they are durable during use, they are also durable when decomposing in landfills. Our reuse cycle reduced the amount of waste created when a billboard is taken down than the conventional tarp manufacturing process.

When choosing a heavy-duty drop tarp for your next big project or need, consider choosing an upcycled billboard over a conventional one-use plastic tarp.

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